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Guided Tours on Lake Hopatcong for Summer Season

Jun. 07, 2019

Considering a trip to Lake Hopatcong and looking for a fun, new adventure? Try a guided water tour!

Every great experience is made better by the company we keep. And, when you’re out trekking through nature or on the water, it’s helpful to have someone who knows the area and wildlife to lead you. At Lake Hopatcong Adventure Company, we are all about exploring nature in the community, which is why our guided hikes and water tours are led by knowledgeable, fun, and engaging staff. If you’re considering one of our guided tours on Lake Hopatcong for the summer season, you can be sure the Lake Hopatcong Adventure Company guides have one goal in mind: lead you as you safely experience the beauty of Lake Hopatcong while having a blast!




Why Take a Guided Tour?

Interested in a new and exciting way to see the lake? Sure, you could explore by boat or enjoy the cool waters in your kayak. But, why not try something new? Whether you’re a resident or visitor to Lake Hopatcong, there are many fun ways to explore the water, including one of our guided tours. Here are three great reasons to consider making a guided water tour part of your next day out on Lake Hopatcong.

  1. Guided tours keep you safe. The Lake Hopatcong Adventure Company guides are committed to safety first. From ensuring your equipment fits and you’re comfortable using it, to first aid and water safety training, to making sure you stay hydrated—our guides ensure you can enjoy Lake Hopatcong without a care in the world.

  2. Guided tours are more fun. Let’s be honest, when you’re learning something new, like pedalboarding, or are discovering a new area, figuring out the details can lead to more stress than smiles. Guided adventure tours allow you to focus on the experience while your tour guides deal with the details. The result, more fun and relaxation!

  3. Guided tours show you more. Can you come to a new place and explore on your own and have a good time? Sure. But, isn’t a trip always better when you are surrounded by locals who love the area and know all of its quirks, history, and secret spots? That’s what you get with a guided adventure tour, someone to lead you as you explore, teaching you about the area, wildlife, and history of the lake. Our guides know the best spots to watch the eagles soar, the history and story behind each island on the lake, and so much more, ensuring you get an experience that goes beyond just sightseeing.

If you’re looking for a great way to explore Lake Hopatcong, a fun activity, or a new way to enjoy the water, the Lake Hopatcong Adventure Company guided water tours are a must. We’re here enjoying the lake. Come join us and book a guided water tour today!

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